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Maslow 6 Wine Bar
211 West Broadway (between Franklin and White Streets)
Mar 13, 2013
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

It's harvest time in the southern hemisphere!  They are picking grapes and starting the fermentation process. A nice juxtoposition with our NY winter.

Join us as we explore Chile and Argentina, with stops in Australia and New Zealand too.
Chile is an amazing country in many ways, not least of which is its wines. It's length (4,270 km/ 2,653 miles) is similar to the width of the United States, and yet Chile is only 177 km / 110 miles wide on averge.

It's latitude extends from 17 - 56 degrees (or even further if Chilean claims on Antartica are considered).

This in and of itself leads to wonderful diversity in the vineyards that are planted. An equally influential factor though is where the vineyards are east to west. Chile has the Pacific ocean on its west, and the Andes mountains on its eastern side. In addition, much of the country is made up of mountains: apart from the Andes, they form transverse and coastal ranges. The Central Valley in Chile in fact refers to the Valley that runs between a central mountain range and the Andes.

Featured Wines

2012 - Cartagena
Lo Abarca
Chile | Aconcagua | San Antonio | Lo Abarca
2009 - Amayna
Leyda Valley
Chile | Aconcagua | San Antonio | Leyda Valley
2010 - Alvaro Espinoza
Kuyen -- Maipo Valley
Chile | Central Valley | Mapio Valley
Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon
2006 - Neyen
Espiritu de Apalta -- Colchagua Valley
Chile | Central Valley | Rapel Valley | Colchagua Valley
Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon

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