March Madness: Passion in the Wine Business by Keri Jackson Kunzle

People ask me with reasonable frequency why I left technology to go into the wine business. Sometimes the decision to have left a good job and open a wine shop does seem mad. I spent the majority of my technology career working on Fixed Income Derivatives and Foreign Exchange systems at various banks, including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Bank of America. The people were interesting, the work was challenging (in a good way), and I learned so much. I was even paid well.

Why then did I leave? Although various factors played into it, the only real explanation is passion. I didn’t want to come home and read about technology, but now, even after several years in the wine business, I come home and still want to read about wine (and bringing work home in the form of tasting is definitely a big perk of the job).

The wine business is also challenging, in a very different way than the tech world. I have learned a huge amount here, too, which is one of the things I love so much about wine – that there is always more to learn.

The people I have met over the last few years are linked by one very important thing: yes, you guessed it – passion. Whether they work for a distributor, an exporter, or they are growers/producers/proprietors, people are generally not in this business to make a lot of money. But what they do have is a genuine love of wine; an excitement about great wine, the fun of finding an inexpensive but still great wine, the sheer joy of wines that are full of terroir. That ability to be transported to a place in the world by what is in a glass is something very dear. And that, in a nutsell, is why I went into the wine business.

One of the joys of having a wine shop is bringing wines that inspire us to our customers. There are some producers who seem to exude passion for their wines and their vineyards from every pore. They know the vines intimately, they are involved in every step of the process, and go to tremendous lengths to make sure their wines are not just some of the finest wines available, but are terroir-driven, complex, nuanced, and full of character.

This month at Maslow 6, we are focusing on winemakers and producers who seem to stand out even amongst a small set of amazing producers, and are noted for their passion.
We’ll write about them, sing their praises, and open up their wines for people to taste all month long. Join us for our March Madness and discover where your true wine passions lie.

3 Responses to “March Madness: Passion in the Wine Business by Keri Jackson Kunzle”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Do you help people invest in wine futures through Maslow 6? Seems like it would be a perfect marriage of your passion and your prior work expertise.

  2. Keri says:

    In fact we do offer Bordeaux futures (and still have some 2010 left). The 2009 Bordeaux are futures no longer – they have just arrived!

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